Wednesday, 31 August 2011

how many cushions is too many?

my name is kelly and i am a cushionaholic. for those that have been to my home, this is not a surprise.

every piece of furniture in my home, which is suitable to display a cushion, has at least three of them in varying colours, shades, sizes, textures and textiles.

cushions are the quickie makeover solution for any décor.

they are cheap (relatively speaking), mess free and have the ability to instantly change the look and feel of any room.

there are no (real) rules to choosing cushions. just make sure the size and quantity is in proportion with where the cushion(s) will be displayed and the colour(s) and/or pattern(s) co-ordinate or compliment each other.

here are a selection of my favourite cushions from my home…

if you’re in the market for some new cushions here are some suggested wholesalers/retailers for modern cushionspretty cushionsbright cushionstraditional cushionsquirky and fun cushionscute cushions and everything in between.

for anyone who is concerned about my addiction, don’t fret, i am aware of the potential for it to develop into a cushion eating addiction and i believe i have the willpower to stop before it reaches that point.

Thursday, 18 August 2011

post #1

hi all

i've just spent a few hours figuring out this blogging business & setting up my page. i'm sure my page will be tweaked & changed as i get the hang of it or, on a whim.

my plan is to post weekly updates about the general 'goings on' in my life including any (successful) creative pursuits I've undertaken.

i will also be spreading the word on any great interior design & fashion sites/blogs which i think are worth a look or two.

so, here's to inspiration, creation, motivation & of course, procrastination!

check back soon for future posts.

Kelly O. x