Tuesday, 21 February 2012

felt love - diy

recently i blogged about some inspiration for a handmade valentine gift (see here).

inspired by some felt text art on castle & things which i found on a weekly check of designlovefest blog here's what i made...

what you'll need...
1. assorted felt pieces* in any colour of your choice. i selected 10 different colours
2. piece* of vliesofix (a double sided adhesive paper to stick fabric together) unless you want to sew your letters?
3. piece* of fabric (i used a grey cotton voile)
4. scissors
5. access to wordart on Word (or similar program), paper, printer and computer
6. frame

* the size of each piece will depend on your quote length and frame size

how to...
1. cut the fabric to size based on your frame size
2. select your quote and type it up in block capitals on a word program and print (make sure the font size is selected to fit within the frame you've picked)
3. cut the paper letters out
4. hold or pin (depending on how much you trust yourself) the cut out paper letters to a piece of felt and a piece of vliesofix then cut around them both together so you end up with a paper, felt and vliesofix version of each letter (all the same size hopefully)
5. discard paper letters
6. using your frame or matt board inside your frame place the felt letters on the fabric and play around until they're in the perfect position
7. using the vliesofix iron each felt letter onto the fabric
8. frame

happy birthday to me!

18.02.2012 - the day i turned 29

my day involved a hat, a tutu and balloons. 

Thursday, 16 February 2012

cool threads

i have a slight magazine addiction and am trying really hard to stick to my two magazine a month limit but i just couldn't help myself this month. i think it's ok for this month though. it's my birthday month and all (2 sleeps and counting).

today i purchased my first edition of frankie magazine. can't wait to get home and have a read. already inspired by the american apparel advertisement on the back cover. i need to buy a chair like this just so i can decorate it with bright threads. what an excellent inexpensive way to add colour to your decor with the flexibility to change it as often as you like!

Thursday, 9 February 2012


in one more sleep we’re off for a summer mini-break. well, that was the plan. it’s now expected to be a winter mini-break in summer. we booked back in December 2011 with fantastic ideas of lazy beach days but mother nature has decided to wreak havoc on the NSW north coast (and inland, praying for the farmers) and so we now will most likely be doing ‘indoorsy’ type things (like eating). anyway, its 4 days away from home (that’s two off from the office – YAY) so we will be making the most of it.
happy weekend!

Monday, 6 February 2012

on repeat

i don't get much down time these days but when i do i L O V E watching a good movie. good movies for me are chic-flicks/rom-coms. my fav at the moment, its on repeat and has barely left the dvd player since mid december 2011, is friends with benefits starring Mila and Justin. just can't get enough.
 SOURCE: Google images

Thursday, 2 February 2012

colour splash

when i first started decorating my home i had decided to go with a monochrome palette. black, grey and white. it was going well until i had a few ideas to 'just add a little bit of colour' here and there. i went a little crazy for colour with the decor in the main room (see here) but it can't be helped with all the colourful inspiration around me.

my fav colours at the moment...yellow, orange, pink and rose gold!

1 yellow - tumbler
2 orange - tumbler
4 rose gold - peeptoeshoes

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

out with the old and in with the bold(-ish)

for almost nine years i collected all things teal and white for my bedroom. about 12 months ago i decided i was over it and needed a change so my soft furnishing and other teal goodies were relegated to the spare bedroom while my bedroom got a make over (see the finished product here).

now the spare bedroom has been made over too. the teal is officially gone!

for this makeover i wanted to go for bold patterns (i chose zig zags and stripes) with florals.

here's the before shots...

...and the after shots. i'm so happy with how it turned out! it's still a work in progress though. my house is never finished!