Wednesday, 28 March 2012

excited for essie

just got these five new nail polishes. can't wait to try them out. which one should i paint first?

pictures via

Friday, 23 March 2012

fab finds

in the midst of renovations and moving house (yes, it's still happening) i can't help but daydream about lots of pretty things seems as the house is, at the moment, more than slightly dishevelled with missing floor coverings, window dressings and kitchen, bathroom and door hardware as well as mis-matched painted walls and furniture quiet literally all over the place. thank god for the internet.

here's a ceramic drum find which would be perfect for the entry.
and a diy project added to my to-do list - painted wooden utensils

Friday, 16 March 2012

bling, bling

wishing i had a special event to go to so i could wear this stunning blingy Rachel Gilbert (favourite designer) dress
buy it here

photo via GreenWeddingShoes

Thursday, 15 March 2012

busy, busy, busy

i've been too busy to publish any posts recently (or to do much else for that matter) 'cause of all the moving and renovating. whose idea was it to do both at once? oh, that's right, mine. remind me in my next life not to do this again. anyway, to make up for my lack of creative posts i thought i'd post something not so creative and leave you all with my to-do or not-done list...

#1 - finish moving house
#2 - clean said house (both the old and new)
#3 - finish prep'ing walls, doors, trims etc. for painting
#4 - finish said painting (including the feature wall we destroyed and would now prefer not feature in our home)
#5 - get handles for doors and cupboards throughout house, especially in the kitchen
#6 - get my man to lay the timber floors
#7 - re-frame prints for hanging
#8 - get to ikea (in Sydney) to purchase said frames
#9 - hang all frames
#10 - select and purchase and hang window dressings
#11 - do some work on art journal
#12 - finish cert IV in design
#13 - fit in 40-50hours of paid work at the office
#14 ...everything else...

as for my 2012 goals (see here) i'm failing on 8 out of 9.

1 - saving. even though i've only been to a major shopping centre once since Christmas i still somehow am broke (maybe online shopping and renos has something to do with that...?)
2 - 2013 island holiday. this probably won't ever happen. maybe i can say it was a typo and i meant 2023?
3 - back up and organise music files - yeah right!
4 - art journal once a week. i have managed this for week one o n l y
5- install skirting boards. now that i'm moving house and renting mine out (soon) i'm not too worried about it anymore. does that mean i can check it off as done?
6 - update family photos. there'll still on my usb in the car. the usb will probably have melted by the time i get around to those.
7 - on the friends front though, i've had a few more visitors with a special one this weekend - yay! i'm achieving one goal.
8 - visit the hunter valley wine region more often. do you know how much renovating i could get done in the time it takes me to drive to and from the vineyards and fit in all the drinking and eating?
9 - exercise. what's that again?

given this long list i'm now also failing routinely to:
         wear make up
         do my hair in any style other than a high bun
         make my bed - what's the point if i'm just getting back into it in 18 hours?
         eat anything other than chocolate during work hours
         sleep soundly
         clean the house (i haven't vacuumed for over a week [ok, two])
         clean my car
         focus, concentrate or remember anything!

i can't wait until the move and renos are done and i can go back to being a 'normal' human being

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

mesh madness

i'm in the process of moving and renovating houses, hence the lack of posts. despite my lack of spare time i came across this diy project on Bri Emery's DesignLoveFest blog today and i've added it to my to-do-list.

head over to DesignLoveFest for more pics and diy instructions. who doesn't want an awesome, bright, funky chicken mesh vase?