Thursday, 9 August 2012

a girl can dream

So i'm not getting married anytime soon but that doesn't stop me from checking out wedding blogs and pinterest at least once a week. sad, but true. here's a pic i recently found on green wedding shoes which is almost exactly how i'd picture my reception looking - one day, maybe, if it happens.... other than the colour scheme which i'd tweak a little its perfect!

house mad

OK. So i've REALLY neglected my blog. i've been so busy with work and renovations (i'll post some pics soon) and new house plans. yes, new house! after 3-4 months of online searching for an established house Wilbur and i both love and failing, we have decided to change our search to land and building a new home of our own. i'm so exicted about the whole process except for the likely compromises i know i will have to make. we've both agreed on a house (see pic below and more pics here). i can't stop thinking about where i'll put everything, all the new decor i'll "need" to buy and all the finshing touches. all we need to do now is find some land...
pic via Rawson homes