Tuesday, 29 November 2011

smarty pants

who else feels smarter with their specs on?

i work as a lawyer and today i spent the whole day in court. during today's court appearance we had a number of lengthy recesses so i had some time to think random thoughts and it occurred to me that i had not taken my glasses off. i'm short sighted so don't need to wear them all the time but i think subconsciously i may have left them on because they give me 'super powers'. that is to say that when i wear them i think i look smarter. without them i get a little self conscious that i maybe don't look like i know what i'm doing.

does anyone else do this or have any other 'super powers'?

p.s. i REALLY want to get a pair of geeky (preferably rayban wayfarer) prescription specs like all the celebs are sporting these days. my spec-sperstion is Kendall Jenner

Photo via www.fashionframe.com

Saturday, 26 November 2011

a jar full of sugar

hands up if you don't like biscuits? yep, that's what i thought...everyone loves biscuits!
i'm slightly addicted to pinterest at the moment (check out my pin boards) and recently came accross a picture of a sewing kit in a jar as a chrsitmas gift idea (great idea for a co-worker, nanna, teacher's gift or one to keep for those unexpected gifts) from frugaliciousme

after finding this cute pic i was on the hunt for more christmas gift in a jar ideas and found so many blog posts about cookies in a jar. what an excellent idea. nothing goes together like christmas and sugar and presents, oh, my.

texas cottage has a number of links to a variety of recipe ideas.

i can't wait to try my own. first on the list are these awesome sounding and looking cookies from many makings.

decoriting the jars with fabric, ribbons and cooking instruction swing tags is the part i'm most looking forward to. i'll post the finished product over the next few weeks. hands up who wants a jar? first in best dressed x

Friday, 25 November 2011

summer supping

today's post is a bit of a deviation from my standard comments on decorating...i have the winter blues which, as all my fellow novocastrians (and a majority of the eastern coast new south welshmen) will have noticed, is because we are one week out from summer and it has been raining for 5 days straight and we've had temperatures of 15-16 degrees. what has happened to our aussie summer? where are our 30+ degree days. did spring even happen this year?
i'm hoping the weather turns around quick. i'm dreaming of our traditional aussie christmas where everyone sits around an outdoor table sweating all over the paper bon-bon hats. i also hope summer comes soon so i can have another go at stand up paddle boarding (a.k.a supping). i tried supping in July this year whilst holidaying in the greek islands and i've been busting to have another go since. i should be taking advantage of the lack lustre weather to tone up so i can look good on the board Rihanna style
photo via stand up paddle board blog - check out their infor on supping.

Saturday, 19 November 2011

texture it

i love anything with texture, especially lace. texture just adds that extra something to make anything special.
my favourite finds at the moment...

1. doily lamps - these can be handmade using a balloon, some doilies (crocheted cotton), and pva glue. see "how-to" instructions in real living's christmas 2011 publication. 

2. crocheted stones - this is my kinda pet rock

3. pressed tin/metal walls - i will one day have a feature wall made of pressed tin

4. lace detail on dresses - this one is a recent purchase from Sheike

Thursday, 17 November 2011

a touch of wilderness

i have just found my next "must have" for the home. antlers. i've been searching online and in stores (not that i've found many in oz) for ages but i think i've just found the perfect ones to add to my christmas wishlist.
Aqua, Gold, Cream and Purple Striped Painted Mule Deer Antler - Extra Large Orange, Cream, Seafoam, Gold and Navy Striped Painted Antler - Large
now all i have to do is pick the colour. decisions, decisions... thank you Cassandra Smith

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

all heart

it's been a while (a very long while) since i've posted. to make up for it my next post is all heart.

i love the organic shape and everything it represents. so, when i was flipping through a real living mag one weekend hunting for inspiration for some new artwork i found heart art in a frame by papier d'amor and knew i had a new project to keep me occupied.

here is the finished product.

my new heart art fitted in perfectly with my other bedroom wall art including my 20 year old four-leaf clover.
the heart art is quiet easy to make, just a little fiddly. you'll need... 1. scissors 2. variety of coloured paper 3. cardboard 4. box photo frame 5. heart hole punch 6. glue 7. fine paint brush. to make follow the steps in the pictures below