Wednesday, 5 December 2012

kids stuff

now that my life involves children more than ever before i can openly say how much i love blogs about kids fashion and activties. by far my favourite such blog is smallfryblog. they often do posts on "from head to toe" which are well put together trendy outfit posts. although the threads featured are generally from American based retailers there's still some fabulous tips on how to dress your kids. this is one of my favs.

pic from smallfryblog

the blog also features some great, fun projects and adventures like this peach jam sale. the concept is like an old fashioned  lemonade stall with the idea that children can learn the value of money by selling goods themselves and how cute are the pictures? there's even a recipe for the peach jam (watch this space as i'm seriously considering using it to make wedding favours) and free downloadable jam lid label!

pic from smallfryblog

love, love, love this blog! add it to your daily reads list.

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