Saturday, 26 November 2011

a jar full of sugar

hands up if you don't like biscuits? yep, that's what i thought...everyone loves biscuits!
i'm slightly addicted to pinterest at the moment (check out my pin boards) and recently came accross a picture of a sewing kit in a jar as a chrsitmas gift idea (great idea for a co-worker, nanna, teacher's gift or one to keep for those unexpected gifts) from frugaliciousme

after finding this cute pic i was on the hunt for more christmas gift in a jar ideas and found so many blog posts about cookies in a jar. what an excellent idea. nothing goes together like christmas and sugar and presents, oh, my.

texas cottage has a number of links to a variety of recipe ideas.

i can't wait to try my own. first on the list are these awesome sounding and looking cookies from many makings.

decoriting the jars with fabric, ribbons and cooking instruction swing tags is the part i'm most looking forward to. i'll post the finished product over the next few weeks. hands up who wants a jar? first in best dressed x

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