Saturday, 31 December 2011

christmas pops

some more late Christmas diy.. 
i have only had one go at making cake pops in the past. those were pretty basic. being my first attempt i didn't try anything too fancy. just some white and pastel pink one's for my sister-in-law's baby shower following my friend Amy's recipe which you can find here
Santa's Reindeer Pops

my step-brother turned up after the shower eneded and ate all the left-over cake pops. since he loved them so much i promised to make them again for our family christmas lunch.

given the success of the shower themed cake pops i thought i'd put a festive spin on the cake pop, and so the research began. after much googling i decided to go with  reindeer inspired christmas cake pops.  
here's a pic of the real via: bakerella and mason cupcake.

mine turned out looking slightly less professional than these. practice makes perfect though and with the number of family events i attend each month i'm sure there'll be plenty of opportuity to practice.  
bakerella also has step-by-step instructions on how to make the raindeer cake pops, plus christmas tree cake-pops and santa hat cake-pops with links to suppliers (mostly if you're based in Oz like me i've found Amy's recommendation of cakes around town to be the easiest place to source ingredients.


  1. I think your reindeers are adorable! Too hard for me :)

  2. Thanks Amy. The hardest part was actually melting the chocolate. Is Struggled this time around